Natural Mole Removal

makeoverThere’s something about the Holiday season that makes everyone desire dramatic change, especially when it comes to physical appearance.  It’s important to remember that smaller changes can add up to a big impact when talking appearance.  Don’t feel like you need to go out and dye your hair blonde, max out at the mall, or lose 15 pounds to get ready for this years Holiday season.  Here are 3 almost effortless ways you can update your appearance just in time for all the holidays –even Halloween!

It’s not too late to check out these inexpensive, quick tips, which require little to no hassle on your end.

1.  Coconut oil treatment – Hair repair can be one of the most expensive treatments offered at hair salons today, don’t get stuck paying high fees to update your doo!  Especially with the winter months fast approaching hair can often become very dry and brittle – pick up some coconut oil at your local super market and your hair will be conditioned in no time flat! Unlike other hair care home remedies, coconut oil actually works because of its proven power to penetrate deep

skin2.  Get your skin glowing – Healthy, happy skin makes a huge difference to your overall look.  To get the most flawless finish.  For those of you who are like me and tend to get skin tags or facial moles, a great natural mole removal cream can get the job done quickly and leave you with the flawless finish you want! Another quick tip to illuminate your skin is to add a couple drops of luminizer to your favorite foundation.  You’ll notice a youthful, dewy look that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too!

3.  Part your hair on the other side – Have you had the same hairstyle for the last 10 years? You’d be surprised how much experimenting with a new look can be as simple as parting your hair on the opposite side.  By making this minor adjustment the way your hair frames your face can changes dramatically, often times adding volume to your roots as well!

Shiny, healthy hair and glowing radiant skin are the fundamentals for a polished new you — so don’t delay and try these quick and easy beauty tips today!


Headed To Florida With The Family? Don’t Miss These Cities

lovefloridaFlorida is one of the most popular states in United States, and it is bordered to the north by Alabama and Georgia, to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the south by the Straits of Florida, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, making it one of the 25 most extensive stats in the country. In addition, it is one of the 10 most densely populated and one of the 5 most populous.

Why You Should Visit Florida

It’s no secret why Pepe Fanjul Jr. and company do business in Florida.  Florida has many beautiful cities, and if you plan to visit the state in a few weeks, you want to know which cities in Florida are the best to visit.  Orlando is a bit touristy but it still has a lot to offer you when you arrive in this city.  While Disney World is the main attraction in Orlando, it is a good idea to research other non-Disney related events and attractions that exist in Orlando and you can do this with a little online research and by talking with relatives who live in Orlando.

If you have visited Orlando too many times in your life, take a break and visit the city of Jacksonville for a great time. The Riverwalk is a popular place to visit among Florida tourists and there are plenty of beaches to visit. Miami and Key West are exciting cities with interesting histories, cultural diversity and a hot nightlife to boot. These cities also have great restaurants to visit.

Best South Florida Cities

For those tourists who want live in south Florida permanently here are some cities that are great to live in. Coral Springs is the 44th best small city to live in by Money Magazine and the average income of Coral Springs residents is $85,000 and the average price for a house is $175,000. Coconut Grove is another nice city in south Florida that has over 150 butterfly gardens and it is a haven for environmentalists. Key Biscayne is not far from Miami so you can enjoy Florida without all the hustle and bustle of the big city. This city is also one of the most affluent cities in the state.

Panama City

Panama City is a beachfront town that is a hotspot for those on spring break and other kinds of tourists. To arrive in Panama City you would book a flight to the Panama City Bay County International Airport. If you are arriving between August and October, you should be prepared for a few afternoon rainstorms although hurricanes do not hit this section of the state frequently during the summer and early fall months. Panama City has several water parks to choose from and you can also go on a sightseeing tour.

When you travel to or visit the above mentioned cities in Florida, you are able to relieve stress while enjoying yourself and the company of loved ones. When visiting these cities, you should visit attractions off the beaten path and take safety precautions while you travel.

Don’t Forget These Family Packing Tips Before You Travel

Family-at-AirportPacking for family trips that last a little longer than several days means that you need to take some time to organize your packing for not only yourself, but for your children if they’re going with you. There are ways to minimize the amount of space that you take up with everyone’s clothes and necessities. The following are tips and tricks that you can use to make the process an easier one.

  • The first thing that you can do to minimize the amount of space that is used within your kid’s bags or your bags is pack outfits in gallon Ziploc bags. This will save the time when you are on the trip as well because your outfit will already have been planned. When you are done with the day and the outfits are no longer clean you can put them back in the bags and take them out to do the laundry when you get home.
  • At times in the Airport or on a luggage stand, things can get lost. Within every piece of luggage, you should have your own itinerary, which includes your home address, flight information and the address of your hotel. You should also include the travel dates that way the person who finds your bag can easily contact you.  How convenient and secure your bags are will dictate how easy it is for you to store and find the things you need.  In addition, the best flight bags money can buy won’t help if you aren’t properly organized to begin with.
  • You should make sure that you pack a permanent toiletry bag as well as have trial sizes of shampoo and body wash, or lotion and deodorant. Don’t forget to keep a hairbrush, toothbrush and mini first-aid kit separate from the stuff that you have in your home bathroom. Use a Ziploc bag for any cosmetic or medication and keep it fully stocked for your next trip. This will prevent you from forgetting anything the next time that you go on a trip.
  • Instead of folding the clothes in the suit cases you can roll them into a sort of tube shape and then stack them. The clothes will not wrinkle; they will fit much more neatly, and you can fit a lot more in the bag.
  • For most people, especially women, too many clothes are packed. Using smaller and lighter bags will force you to narrow down your selection of clothing and shoes.
  • You should always carry an extension cord with you because it can be extremely useful at times. If you have to plug in an excessive amount of electronics or simply need to elongate the cord, then consider having one with you more often than not.
  • Consider keeping a TSA luggage lock on your luggage which you are taking through security searches because if it isn’t TSA the lock can be cut off, and your items can be taken. Keeping a lock on your belongings will prevent any theft from taking place.
  • Always travel with sanitation wipes. Even if a hotel room has just been cleaned, it is still full of germs. The first thing that you should do when you get into the room is wipe off stuff that the house cleaners most likely did not reach or care to clean off which includes remotes, the phone, doorknobs, alarm clocks and the toilet handle. Always make sure to remove the bedspread as well!

Hope they help!

Don’t Overlook Those T-Shirts For More Expensive Clothes

teePopularity…it’s what we strive for when shopping for new clothes.  After all, we all want that look that makes people wonder wear you bought that fabulous dress or cute skirt.  If there is one piece of clothing that has never lost it’s popularity it’s the t-shirt.  T-shirts never seem to go out of style.  Whether they are made by great companies like custom t-shirts or found in your favorite store, there seems to be a t-shirt that fits almost everyone’s style and budget.

What is it about this simple garment that can be worn in so many different styles yet always seems to hold it’s never changing roots?  Perhaps we should look at where the white t-shirt started.

No one is completely sure of the origin of the white t-shirt, but many believe it’s popularity came from the Navy.  With a large opening for the neck and short sleeves, it was the perfect shirt to wear underneath a uniform.  Clean shirts in the military usually were an indication that the serviceman could perform his job without making a mess of things.

It’s no surprise that the military has many times influenced fashion.  In the past, these t-shirts were extremely inexpensive costing around $.24 and constructed from lighter weight cotton.  Outside of the military, the t-shirt became a favorite amongst public figures such as James Dean.  It was an iconic garment in the mid-century.  We all have seen someone from the era wearing that crisp white t-shirt, sleeves rolled up and paired with some rough denim that was the style of the time.

James-DeanLabels started to take notice, and soon giant brands like fruit of the loom and hanse released their own t-shirts.  There was no stopping the rise in popularity of the plain white t-shirt.  But plain white didn’t suit everyone.

A simple movement began to take place to alter the appearance of this simple yet versatile piece of clothing.  Screen printing and other design implementations made way for the t-shirts adoption across various styles and cultures.  This was the birth of the graphic t-shirt.  Everything from graffiti, musicians and abstract designs made it onto the front and backs of t-shirts.

From the first introductions of the t-shirts into the fashion world, hey have evolved into an indispensable piece of our casual clothing.  The shirt’s versatility is unmatched when it comes to individual style, comfort and affordability.

Teaching Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Kids-Eating-HealthyChildhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate and parents should be aware of the illnesses that obesity contributes to such as diabetes, certain cancers, high blood pressure, kidney failure, heart disease and a poor physical appearance as well as loss of energy due to low metabolism. The first step is to talk with your child’s pediatrician and have him weigh your child to determine if he is at risk of becoming obese, and if your child is at risk, the pediatrician may recommend that your child be placed on a diet and exercise plan, particularly if he is a teen.

Be a Good Example

The first thing to do when teaching your kids about healthy eating habits is that you should be a good example to them. Let them always see you eating healthy foods, and you will see them doing the same. If they see you eating all kinds of junk food, your kids will be doing the same thing because they assume that it is the normal way of living, even if it is not.

Sneak Veggies and Fruits in Child’s Favorite Meals

If you are making lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs, sneak vegetables into the meals. You can make spinach puree and put some of it in the tomato sauce for the lasagna or spaghetti dish. Or you can chop up a few red and yellow bell peppers finely and toss them in the meatball mixture so the child will eat peppers. If your child will not eat fruits, you can prepare a fruit smoothie using plain yogurt, honey, fruits and a little orange juice for him to have as a snack before dinner.

Prepare Sweet Potato Fries

Instead of the greasy and high-calorie French fries made from white potatoes, substitute sweet potato fries for the child since sweet potatoes have a natural sweetness and they contain antioxidants and vitamin C and A. These vitamins are important for the eyes and skin. After you fry the sweet potato strips, sprinkle some salt and pepper on them and drizzle a little honey instead of sugar on the fries.

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen

Thanks to the advice and efforts of TV cooks such as Rachel Ray, it is now fashionable to have the kids in the kitchen with you as you cook. If your kids are adventurous eaters, talk to them about the meals you plan to cook and let them help you by performing tasks such as washing the vegetables, stirring the brown gravy or by wrapping the roasting pan with foil before you put it in the oven. Talk about how certain ingredients make your body healthier.

Ways to Locate Healthy Meal Ideas

There are many online blogs that give good tips on teaching your kids about healthy eating and you can also get inspiration from watching DVDs from nutritionists on the topic. Local health seminars often have sessions on how parents can help children choose healthy foods and recipe books are also good sources. Talk to your own parents and older relatives because many of them were parents and they have wisdom to share regarding children and healthy eating. In conclusion, do not give up on giving your child healthy foods because he is a picky eater. Instead, seek creative ways of feeding him quality foods and he will soon enjoy those foods.

Safety In Your Home’s Bathroom

bathroomsafetyThe National Safety Council says that each year 200,000 bathroom accidents happen and that a slippery surface is the main cause of these accidents. If you are a caretaker for your loved one, you should consider adding extra safety features to the bathroom to prevent multiple accidents that may lead to the paralysis or even death of the loved one. Instead of the bath rug that may cause tripping on the floor, place an anti-slip bath mat in front of the tub. You can also add extra light fixtures so the loved one can see better in the bathroom and install a high-rising toilet seat to prevent falls as he sits or rises from the toilet. Anti-slip strips are essential for the inside of the tub so your loved one will not slip in the tub. Have the loved one use bottled liquid bath soap instead of the bar soap.

Put Away All Electric Cords from Open View

It is important that you put away all electrical cords that are in the middle of the bathroom because this easily leads to a fall in the bathroom. Place the electrical cords along the walls so that your loved one can move about freely and another idea is to have portable battery-operated appliances in the bathroom such as a heater or radio if your loved one enjoys music while in the bathroom.

Install Grab Bars

Another idea is to install grab bars on the tub because it allows the loved one to hold on to something if he feels that he is losing balance while standing in the tub. Install two grab bars because it gives him better balance and his hands will grip better as he regains himself while losing balance.

Bathroom Lights and The Visually Impaired

If your elderly loved one is visually impaired, you want to provide the best lighting possible for her. Some of the best light fixtures in a bathroom for the visually impaired include task lights, rope lights and dimmers. You should place the light fixtures under the sink in the bathroom cabinet, and near the curtains. Talk with a local safety expert before you purchase specialized bathroom lights for the loved one.

Walk-In Bathtubs and Showers

These are excellent for preventing falls among senior citizens in the bathroom because there are no barriers that the persons have to deal with and risk falling on the floor. Tubs from are a great investment in your loved one’s safety and it is worth the cost.

Make The Doorway More Wheelchair Friendly

If the guest bathroom doorway is very narrow, hire a contractor who is experienced in safety issues for the elderly to come and widen the bathroom doorway so that your loved one who is in a wheelchair can access the bathroom with minimal hassle. Get rid of extra bath stools or night table so he will not stumble over them and trip.

When you recreate the bathroom for a loved one’s safety in his later years, he appreciates your effort and you can focus more on enjoying his company and creating new memories with him and extended family.

Involving The Entire Family In The Cleaning Process

familychoresIf there is a lack of bonding in the family, you can bond together over an unpleasant and unappealing task, cleaning the house. When your children clean the house with you, they learn the importance of teamwork and they learn an important life skill that they will need when they become adults. When your children see the fruit of their labor, it boosts their confidence in their abilities and they will be motivated to keep the house clean. It also reduces a sense of entitlement in the children and your spouse.

General Tips

One idea is to have everyone do tasks at the same time because it fosters healthy conversation and it makes the cleaning time go faster. Put on music that everybody will like so you can sing and dance while completing the tasks but the TV should not be on while cleaning because you will get easily distracted and it slows the work. Speaking of a more efficient work time, you want to delegate the tasks to each family member. For example, have your little ones put away clutter in their rooms while the teens are cleaning the stove and refrigerator while you and your spouse tidy up the basement. Serve snacks after the cleaning is done and give each other hugs.

Creating a Regular But Fun Chore List

Since cleaning is not an occasional responsibility, you should create a chore list for the family to follow. While your spouse should have some input regarding which chores he wants to be responsible for, you should not give this freedom to the children until they demonstrate responsibility in doing the chores you set up for them to do on the list. Mention what the consequences are for not completing the chores and do not let the kids sweet talk you into getting out of their punishment for disobeying rules. Go over all the tasks with your children and spouse so they will know how to perform them correctly and invite them to ask questions if problems arise while doing chores. Paste the chore list on a wall in the kitchen and in the children’s rooms.

Handsome Rewards for Doing Chores

As for rewards for doing chores, you should only give out rewards during special occasions such as birthdays, when the children did well in school or during Easter or Christmas. This is important because you should teach children that cleaning the house is a duty and that they will not always get treats for doing what is right. Some good rewards include a trip to the ice cream shop or restaurant, new outfit or spending cash.

Children and teens need to understand that they should want to make their homes look cleaner and when you take pride in the home by cleaning it regularly, they will want to do the same. This does not mean that they will not complain about chores occasionally, but in the end they will learn about contributing to the household and become mature and responsible adults one day as they start their own families.